CfA “The Role of Consumption in Linking Local Economies to Global Value Chains”, ISA 2020

Call for Abstracts

The Role of Consumption in Linking Local Economies to Global Value Chains: The Case of Food Markets

hosted by the ISA Research Committee on “Economy and Society” (RC02)

IVth ISA Forum of Sociology

Porto Alegre, Brazil

July, 14-18, 2020

Discussion in the session starts from the observation that consumption is usually locally bound and an intrinsical part of local economies. At the same time, it plays a large role for expressing local identities and reinforcing local social inequality via distinguished consumption practices. At the same time, as e.g. Economics of Convention have shown, consumer-producer-interactions shape the form and structure of global value chains and thus link and integrate local economies into global value chains. Approaches such as World Systems Analysis have shown that the positioning within these global chains strongly influences global inequality.

The session thus explores the role of consumption in linking local economies to global value chains and (re-)production of global inequalities. While the session focus will be on food markets, case studies on other markets are also welcome.

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