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Membership is open to scholars and professionals of sociological teaching, research or practice who are interested in the sociology of organizations.

Members are either be regular members or affiliated members. All regular and affiliated members of RC 17 shall be entitled to participate in the scientific activities of the Research Committee, and can vote as individual members in the discussions about organisational matters at the General Meetings according to the principle “one member, one vote” that means that one institution also has one vote. For all members, our statutes apply.

Affiliated membership

Affiliated members shall be individuals or institutions interested in the activities of RC 17, who are not members of the ISA. Affiliated membership is free. Registration takes 30 seconds.

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Please not the Registration Policy for Affiliated Membership. Please note the statutes of our Research Committee.

Regular membership

Regular members shall be individuals or institutions in good standing within the ISA, i.e. pay their fee for the respective period of 4 years.

Regular Membership comes with many benefits:

  • Participation in the activities of the ISA and RC17
  • On-line access to SAGE Sociology Collection, which includes 83 journals.
  • On-line access SAGE Research Methods, a resource which brings together information on methodological issues and choices, and provides copies of relevant articles; it can be used in many ways, including the planning of teaching methods and the making of decisions on what methods might be appropriate for a new project.
  • Discount 45% on SAGE Publications books.
  • Discount price, £9.99 postage included, on SAGE Studies in International Sociology books published since 2013.
  • Reduction in registration fees at ISA World Congress and Forum of Sociology
  • Reception of the ISA and RC17 newsletters
  • Access to ISA Digital Publications

Regular Membership is important:

  • Each Research Committee needs a high number of regular members in order to remain a Research Committee of ISA. If we would only have affiliated members, we would be forced to disband.
  • On the ISA main conferences, i.e. the World Congress of Sociology and the ISA Forum of Sociology, the number of session slots available for the Research Committees is determined by the number of regular members. The more regular members, the more space we get in the conference programs.

If you want to join us at RC17 as a regular member, register as a member of the International Sociological Association (ISA). During the registration process you can join the RC17.

You can find all information (including membership fees) here on the ISA website.

ISA membership registration form is available here.