CfP – Luhmann Conference 2021

Theme “Risks and Pathologies. Observed with Social Systems Theory”

Dubrovnik, Croatia, 14-17 September 2021


  • Lars Clausen, UCL University College, Denmark, and Next Society Institute, Lithuania
  • Gorm Harste, Aarhus University, Denmark
  • Klaus Laursen, Aarhus University, Denmark, and Next Society Institute, Lithuania
  • Steffen Roth, La Rochelle Business School, France, and University of Turku, Finland
  • Kresimir Zazar, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Theme: In the year 2020, the world was hit by an unprecedented and ongoing crisis in the form of a pandemic announced after the detection and global spread of the 2019 novel coronavirus.  This pandemic as well as the corresponding mitigation measures affected most countries not only as a health issue, but also as an economic, legal, or educational challenge. As the probably most obvious effects, the crisis caused administrative responses of so-far unknown intensity, including massive influence on social and mass media activities.

However, the coronavirus pandemic is not the only current world crises. The world climate crises, the refugees’ crises of the Middle East, Central Africa and Southern Europe, together with a political crisis manifesting itself in a growing mistrust of political institutions and populism, all pose significant challenge to world society and its segments.

Against this backdrop, the conference convenors invite contributions that …

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Deadline for submission of abstracts (400-800 words) is 15 August 2021.