Welcome our new Journal of Organizational Sociology!

We have the most exciting news! The new Journal of Organizational Sociology is live and open for submissions: https://www.degruyter.com/journal/key/joso/html

So, submit your manuscripts and spread the word!

The journal is published open access by De Gruyter in association with RC17. De Gruyter owns the journal while RC17 has editorial control over the journal. All articles are published open access without any fees initially at least for the first three years. We are very grateful to the Department of Sociology and Political Science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway, and to the University of Lucerne Foundation, Switzerland, for providing us with the generous financial support to make this happen.

The basic idea was to create a journal that is specifically organization-sociological, that is truly international, and that embraces all theory traditions and debates. To achieve that, the journal features an editorial structure of Editors in Chief on the top and a board of Associate Editors who will act as the handling editors of the manuscripts. This board of Associate Editors consists of sociologically working scholars from differing countries and with different theoretical and methodological backgrounds and interests. The journal also has an Advisory Board that provides advice for the Editors-in-chief and the Associate Editors.

First ideas for developing a journal dedicated to organizational sociology date back to the year 2016 and several scholars had been discussing and exploring possibilities over the years since then. In January 2021 finally, a ground of scholars – many of which are active members of RC17 – consisting of Göran Ahrne, Dzifa Ametowobla, Nadine Arnold, Cristina Besio, Stewart Clegg, Paul du Gay, Michael Grothe-Hammer, Raimund Hasse, Robert Jungmann, Robert van Krieken, and Arnold Windeler, finally begun to develop a proposal and strategy for the journal. The group developed a full proposal document and decided to bring in RC17. Luckily, we also managed to secure a substantial amount of funding. After talks with different publishers, the journal proposal development group and the RC17 board finally decided to go with De Gruyter since this publisher is well renowned, offered the best conditions and is committed to make the journal shine.

So let us make the new RC17 journal shine! Spread the word and submit your articles to the new Journal of Organizational Sociology!

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